Model CD white/silver

Hi-Fi Wi-Fi CD Streaming, white/silver

Model CD white/silver

Hi-Fi Wi-Fi CD Streaming, white/silver

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Designed for Simplicity

  • Minimalistic and streamlined user experience through the dedicated Wireless app and the illuminated touch controls.

Tangible Streaming

  • Music lovers know that nothing comes close to the quality of CD audio. Dust off your collection and listen to your favorite recordings in stereo over your wireless ART speakers.


  • Slot loading compact CD design is cased in a real wood veneer cabinet, accompanied by a top firing LED light plate for ambiance.


Download the Tivoli Audio ART App to control Model CD over your home wireless network and set up playback to other ART speakers.

Stream audio from services, such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, QQ and your own personal library through the cd player to any speakers connected to it wired or wireless.

Developed and founded by famous Emmy winner and Electronic Hall of Famer Henry Kloss, Tivoli Radios have combined elegance and exceptional sound quality for over 20 years.

The unique design of Tivoli Audio, which can also be found in luxury hotels such as Mariott or Ritz Carlton, brings a piece of upper class design to every living area.